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Eleventy Excellent 2.0

I created this starter after I saw Andy’s talk and studied the source code for I quickly came to the conclusion that this is the way I want to build all my websites from now on! It's so great. I know many of you feel the same way.'

What is Tailwind CSS doing here?

We are using Tailwinds "engine" to generate utility classes on demand, based on our design tokens.

Demo pages

As of version 2.0, the demos featured here are all directly built in the starter.

Open Graph images

When you share your blog posts, a thumbnail image might appear. This starter generates these images for your blog posts automatically.

Post with all the markdown

A lot of markdown packages are installed to help you write your posts. All presets are personal preference.

Post with a video

This starter uses Justin Ribeiro's lite-youtube web component. Add `youtube: true` to frontmatter to activate.