An Evernote replacement

I’ve been searching for an Evernote replacement for awhile now. Some would think this would be simple. After all there is OneNote, Instapaper, Pocket or Bear for the Mac. Each is fine but not all come close to Evernote. It’s a shame they are now asking $70 for a pro subscription. The increase in their pricing from $40 is not the main issue. I have been having issues with their product and their solution has been to re-install. This is fine for those that sync only a selection of notebooks. As a pro user I sync all my notebooks. This is problematic because I have over 10,000 notes with equals about 8GB worth of data. This is not a lot, but when you have to re-download it between four devices that will cause a problem. First there is the download speed. My internet speed on a good day is 28.03 Mb/s, but the Evernote app won’t stay open long enough to download my data. It stops and it’s frustrating. Hence my new need for a new note taking app. I’ve started evaluating DEVONthink Pro Office. It seems to fit the bill of what I am looking for to replace Evernote. We will see how it goes. On the plus side there is no yearly fee. The downside is finding a good sync method. I’m leaning towards Dropbox over WebDAV on my own hosted server. The downside would be the Dropbox storage. They charge $99 for 1TB per year.


3/06/2017 Update. I chose DEVONthink Pro Office. I am going to change the sync from Dropbox to a local RASPBERRY PI and a USB thumb drive.

Best friends

tl;dr My mom’s best friend died. I’m sad.


My late mom’s best friend Marilyn Reardon ( I’m not sure how open her Facebook page is ) died on Sunday, January 8, 2017. It was sudden and she did not suffer. My mom and her became friends after meeting in line for a movie one day. They quickly became inseparable. They both loved to shop. Back in the days online shopping was at it’s infancy and people had to shop via phone. QVC quickly became my mom’s addiction. No joke, I think she might have been addicted to shopping. She loved it so much. As time went by my Dad became not so pleased with the many clothes she purchased and never wore. Later the two of them schemed to outsmart him. My mom actually had her QVC, and other shopping company products shipped to Marilyn’s house.

She was a great lady who will be missed. She was like a second mother to me and would do anything to help anyone if she could.

I think they even looked alike a bit. Excuse the horrible pics of both of them, I did not look too hard for the pics.

Mom is on the right, Marilyn on the left obviously.

Anyway, I’m sad.


Test post

I converted the site to update via subversion since the auto upgrade has failed and I am too lazy to find the problem after troubleshooting for a bit.

So from now on a simple command will update it for me.

sudo svn sw

where x.x.x is the version number. now allows ECC PGP/GPG keys now allows keys generated with an elliptic-curve to be uploaded. My page has been updated with verified links to my various social media as well as websites.

If you want to check the security of your ECC key here is a good page to start. My key was made using the so called “Curve25519” elliptic curve. It is regarded as a safe curve.

So America picked Trump

America elected Donald Trump to be our next President. I am truly embarrassed and ashamed to be an American. I do believe that we as a country can manage 4 years, or 8 years at the most, but we will have a lot of rebuilding to do when he is voted out of office. I’ve read articles that state that maybe he did not really want to be elected. I just also read that he was so stupid he did not realize that he would have to select everyone to run the West Wing. I’m still in shock.