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A list of sites based on / built with Eleventy Excellent. Add yours by submitting a pull request! :)

Based on, or built with Eleventy Excellent:

The Wooden Chips Handyman Service

A a website for local virginia handyman built with Netlify CMS and 11ty

Colegio Marpe Ciudad Jardín

Website for a primary school in Las Palmas.


Demo project for a fictional Berlin-based event agency.


httpster's personal website. Silly articles, rants, art and everything in between.

Project MB

My personal website.I write about productivity, PKM, team happiness, agile, technology and whatever happens to be interested of..

Esther Zecco

Official website of Esther Zecco. Singer and songwriter of pop music from Segovia with influences of American folk and country.


Misremembered is the brain-child of Jon Michaels, a long-time sound editor, maker of tacos, and generally tech-minded fellow

Joe writes

Joe works on the Technical Content team at Starburst Data and contribute to the Trino OSS project.


Personal website of 'fLaMEd'. Thoughts about the current and past state of the web.


Apuntes del mundo con medio siglo de vida

Andy Stitt

Web developer specializing in accessibility


FigCat is a repository of lists of creative works, games, and other items, compiled by hand from various sources.

Old man yelling at tech

Former software engineer turned manager rediscovers his love for coding and infrastructure.

Lene Saile

My personal site! Really, this website came before the starter, and I built the starter based on it.

Refugio Libertad

Organización de trabajadores y trabajadoras de la economía popular que habitamos en pequeños pueblos y zonas rurales de la provincia de Córdoba (Argentina).