The US postal service has a nice program that lets users read letters  for Santa from children in the US. It’s pretty simple. You read letters  kids send to Santa and decide which one you want to make come true. You  then mail your present to them by Dec 21. Now this got fucked up the  minute the postal service got involved. I understand they are the ones  who get the letters from Santa, but come on. We all know the postal  service sucks. Why did they not “export” this important service to an  external company? I’ve been trying to register for the past 40 min and  only get a server error message.

It’s so infuriating dealing with them.

P.S. My information is now processing. Merry Christmas after all.

P.S.S. Sad news. We can’t join. We both got new cell phones along with  new phone numbers recently and the post office says it can’t verify our  identity. If we plug in our old cell phone number it needs to send a  verification code that we can’t get to. Their verification system is based on data from a third party. You need a  cell phone that they associate with your address. They need to send a text to you, but the problem is our new number is not associated with our address same goes for some friends and family.