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Living in the Cincinnati area there are not too many options for high speed internet. I define high speed as any download speed greater than 500 Mbps. Cincinnati Bell offers a gigabit fiber to the home service, but it is not available in our area yet. We decided to move away from their service after many years of outages and slow speeds, which is unusual for DSL ( it is not shared with other users like cable is). We moved to Spectrum recently and they offered 200 Mbps as a basic package. This was good but I wanted more. I’m often downloading different operating systems and I prefer to make the downloads as fast as I can. I came across a press release saying they will offer gigabit speeds in our area. Using the current DOCSIS 3.1 standard you can’t get synchronous transfer rates ( The upload speed matches the download speed), as a result Spectrum can only give me 950 Mbps down and 40 Mbs up. Those speeds are as close to a true gig as I will get living here and that is close enough for me. I will always want more upload speed because I back up things online and every little speed boost helps. I take a lot of pictures and just one Nikon NEF file is about 60MB with the camera I own. Here is a screenshot of my recent speed tests. speed

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