$20,000 Junior Pyramid

I'll add more to this later. To start things off, here is some trivia about me. When I was 10 I was on a game show with Dick Clark called $20,000 Junior Pyramid. It was based on the normal styled 20,000 Pyramid, but instead of playing with movie/TV stars, we played with an adult from the family. My mom picked me. She was actually in the middle of auditioning and they asked her if she wanted to try the "kids" game. She said yes and chose to play with me.
If anyone wants to view it, it is on Viemo be prepared for a crappy conversion from a 1979 VHS tape.. Here is the link. Password is "pa$$word" Don't judge me or my New Jersey accent, I was only 10.
The parent/child format did not last long. The last episode aired June 27, 1980.

Here is a scan of the contestant's winnings contract. Good memories.

[^The $20,000 Pyramid. From October 1 to November 9, 1979, the series briefly became Junior Partner Pyramid, which scrapped the usual celebrity-contestant pairings in favor of children playing the game with a parent or other adult relative. Its last episode aired June 27, 1980]