Be My Eyes

I don't remember where I read about Be My Eyes, but I am glad I found it.
The app is simple, a blind user uses the app if they need help from a sighted person.
This can be anything as simple as what color is this sweater, or as complex as can you see my contact on the floor. The concept is simple and designed well. The only downside is there are 4,546,887 sighted volunteers and only 286,771 blind users.
This means that the end-user might not ever get a call to help a blind user. I have been lucky enough to have helped 4 or 5 people through the years. It's simple and makes you feel good to do your small part to make their lives easier that instant.

For the curious. The screen shot from my iPhone is 1.1MB, the Webp image is 80kb and the winner Avif image is 62kb.