October 30, 2019 was a big day in general aviation. Garmin announced its Autoland system. This allows a passenger to press a button and have the airplane land if the pilot is incapacitated. Large commercial aviation planes have had this for years.

It is remarkable to think about what is involved in this system. Think about it for a minute. Even if you do not know how to fly a plane you can appreciate what is involved. There is an adage in the aviation field that says: “Aviate”, “Navigate” and “Communicate”. This simply means in an emergency the pilot must first make sure his or her plane can fly (Aviate), next they must make sure they know where they are and if they can find an airport or a suitable landing spot available (Navigate), next they must try to let someone know what their intentions are and to request help (Communicate).

This system does all of that for the passenger. The video of this is amazing. Enjoy the peace of mind if you don’t like flying.

Here is the link to a demonstration landing.