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Running iOS 10.3.3 and you get iPhone/iPad disconnected error when backing up via iTunes? Do you use iMazing?

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Open iMazing
  3. Click your device in the list on the left side panel.
  4. Choose Show Device Console.
  5. In the console’s search field type: “No operation found for path”
  6. Start a backup. It will fail.
  7. The console will show which app is causing the backup to fail.
  8. In my example I was able to find which app was causing the failure easily. You might have trouble but the console should provide the clues you need.
  9. Run the backup again and if another app is also causing a problem a new error will show up. If that was the only app causing the problem then your backup will proceed without an error.

    Backup, backup, and backup.

    I am a fan of backups. At my age (48), I learned from an early age to make backups if you want to keep your sanity. Shit happens. Shit happens more often when computers are involved. Once you have a good backup strategy you can relax more when dealing with computers. Now to the point of this post. Since giving up my MacBook Pro laptop and moving to the iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2nd generation ) I have needed to backup more frequently. I backup to iCloud whenever the iPad charges but I’ve always hated to rely on this as a backup strategy because restoring takes too long vs restoring via a local backup on my iMac.

    Hi iMazing.

    I’ve been using iMazing since the first version. Recently they released version two and introduced iMazing Mini. The new mini allows wireless incremental backups via local Wifi. Now my problem. A recent iOS update to 10.3.3 introduced a bug that prevented backups from being completed. A generic Apple error message was displayed saying the iPhone or iPad disconnected. This message also was displayed when trying to backup using iTunes. Now this wonderful non-helpful error message has been shown through the years in iTunes. A lot of times it meant your cable was bad or something else was wrong. I was frustrated that nothing I tried worked. I used various cables, some new, some used. I tried several different USB ports on my iMac to no avail. I then decided to see if there was a beta for iMazing which might fix my problem. No such luck. Then I decided to click on their company blog and I found my solution. How to fix Device Disconnected error during iOS 10.3.3 backups.

Hopefully this will help those might be having the same problem.

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