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S3stat, Your one stop for Amazon S3 Analytics

This blog post was written for one reason and one reason only. To tell the world about S3stat. This is the Google Analytics of the Amazon S3 world. They take your Amazon S3 logs and produce beautiful and informative charts and graphs. They are able to do all this for only $10 a month.

Now, the whole point of me moving my site to Amazon’s S3 was to save money. $10 a month for hosting at DigitalOcean adds up when you’re unemployed, so I tried to save money and still host my website. Amazon S3 and Jekyll seemed to be the answer. I saw their price ( $10 ) totally reasonable by any means, but I did not want to be back to paying $10 again every month. Then I saw their Cheap Bastard Plan. I don’t consider myself a cheap bastard but I could be persuaded to jump on the bastard bandwagon. That is why I’m writing this post. Well, I’m also writing the post because they have a great product at reasonable prices.

Let’s look at some graphs they produce. Now don’t laugh at me when I show my graphs because my blog is not Daring Fireball. I’m lucky if I get 5 page views a day, but that does not mean I don’t want quality analytics. The first image shows the overview section. You get a chart that shows your website hits graphed by day. Below that shows your top served files and below that you can see your hourly traffic to your site.


Another section I like is the browser section. This obviously shows the browsers used to view your site. They also include a breakdown of User Agents used to connect to your site.


Here is a image that shows all the sections you can view.


As you can see there are a lot of options. I encourage you to take advantage of their first month FREE offer and sign up. Setup was quick and painless. On a Mac you just download a configuration wizard program and enter your Amazon S3 credentials. They recommend you setup a specific IAM user just to access your log files.

So that’s my pitch to you to use S3stat. Let’s sum up the reasons to have them analyze your log files:

  1. Quality graphs/charts.
  2. Ease of setting up access.
  3. Rock bottom pricing with stellar quality.

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