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iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

The perfect computer a.k.a. the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

I replaced my second-generation iPad Pro with the current 4th generation one. Let me say, wow is it fast. I donated my old iPad Pro to the wife. She was happy because it's faster than her old iPad Air. I pared my new iPad with the new Apple Magic Keyboard. Now, this thing is amazing. You should watch some animation/video on Apple's site to see it in action.

iPad Pro

It also has 6GB of RAM, this helps me keep several tabs open in Safari or switch between apps without the need to refresh the page or app. An extra bonus is that the iPad and Keyboard sit well on my lap and don't feel like it will all tip over. I'm very impressed. I even made a short simple shortcut that takes a URL from the clipboard, copied from Cloudinary, and it asks for a description of the image for the ALT tag. Then the code is copied to the clipboard for me to paste as Markdown into the webpage.

Respimg Shortcut